Bevel Knife Design

The design of a bevel knife significantly affects its functionality and performance. The bevel, which is the angled edge of the knife, plays a crucial role in determining cutting ability and precision. A well-designed bevel allows for efficient slicing and chopping while maintaining sharpness over time. Additionally, the angle and shape of the bevel impact the overall strength and durability of the knife. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of the bevel design is essential to ensure that the knife meets desired quality standards. Compared to regular leather knives, an oblique knife head offers greater flexibility and efficiency, making it suitable for handling straight lines, gentle curves, and even thick leather with ease.

Smooth Handle

The stable wood is infused with a specialized resin, enhancing its resistance to moisture, warping, and cracking. The ergonomic curved handle provides great convenience and ensures long-term use without putting pressure on your hands. The durable construction of the handle also makes it suitable for heavy-duty use, such as chopping and cutting through tough materials. 

Works Well

A properly sized blade can cut through any type of leather material, and the enduring impact of high-speed steel material can be observed through extended use.

Widely Use

This versatile leather knife is suitable for various leather processing needs, allowing you to create leather items such as bags and belts.

Suitable for leather work

Whether you are an experienced leather professional or a beginner, this leather knife is designed to provide easy control and assist you in achieving the perfect leather shape. It is equipped with a surface that may have pits due to the nature of the material, but this is normal and does not impact its functionality.

Gift ables

Whether it's for a seasoned artisan or someone just starting out, our high-quality products will help them create stunning leather creations with ease and precision. Give the gift of endless possibilities with our top-notch leather crafting tools and accessories.

For beginners

When working with our leather working tools, exercise extreme caution due to their sharpness. Use your wrist, not your elbow, to handle knives. Additionally, ensure that the tools are kept at a safe distance from children.